Once Again on the Mekong

This time in Laos

Typical market area in Laos

The day started with quick tour of the Village of Luang Prabang; small, but charming. Twenty years ago this village was home to opium smoking hippies. Today it hosts upper middle class tourists from around the world.

Our first stop was the palace of the last king. The monarchy ended in 1954 with a Communist Revolution and the last king, who was very young in 1954, disappeared, never to be found. His widow runs a small hotel in the center of the village. The Temple on the palace grounds contains a 1st Century solid gold Buddha weighing 53kg on gold......impressive! 

Statue of the last King of Laos
The Temple of the Gold Buddha ob the grounds of the Royal Palace

The palace itself was well-decorated with very expensive furnishings. 

Cave of a Thousand Buddhas
Oldest Temple in Cambodia----built 800-900 A.D.

Next stop was a special photography exhibit involving the history of Buddhist Monks in Luang Prabang. A very impressive black and white exhibit and Bruce & Madeline fell in love with the Photographer/Curator. The Institute he runs has tried to find and preserve monk photos going back 130 years. 

Bruce, Madeline and Ilene
hiding the food for the bears
Bear searching for the food
Bruce trying to stay dry

Mekong River Boat at Sunset in Laos
Good picture of Madeline
on the Mekong River
Sunset on the Mekong River, Laos

Then it was off on a Mekong River cruise. This is the third time we've been on the Mekong; each time in a different country. Our destination was some Buddhist Caves containing sculptures of Buddha.

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